Mr. Kamal Chand Kumbhat


Mr. Kamal Chand Kumbhat is a beacon of leadership in the business world, with a journey marked by resilience and vision. His entrepreneurial spirit and dedication have propelled him from humble beginnings to the pinnacle of success. Through his astute leadership, he has fostered a culture of empowerment and excellence within his company, prioritizing the well-being and growth of his team.Mr. Kamal Chand Kumbhat is renowned for his mentorship, philanthropy, and commitment to ethical business practices, leaving a lasting legacy of inspiration and impact.


Meet our talented group of founding members

Mr. Dharmendra Kumbhat

Co- Founder

Meet Mr. Dharmendra Kumbhat, the co-founder of renowned brands like Inbase, Arrow and Urban. These brands specialize in smart wearables, mobile accessories, and lifestyle products, catering to customers both in India and in more than five countries worldwide. He’s also The Current President of Muskaan Club – Chennai which is running successfully for 24 Years now.

Through his leadership, Mr. Dharmendra Kumbhat has played a pivotal role in the growth and recognition of Inbase and Urban. Their products have captured the hearts of customers, both at home and abroad. Today, we celebrate his remarkable achievements and commend his dedication to providing innovative and stylish solutions in the world of lifestyle accessories

Mr. Nitesh Kumbhat

Co- Founder

Meet Mr. Nitesh Kumbhat, a dynamic individual with a background in B.Com. His expertise lies in financial management and strategic planning, contributing significantly to Sunshine Telelink’s growth and success. With a keen eye for detail and a strong business acumen, Mr. Nitesh plays a crucial role in ensuring the company’s financial stability and growth trajectory.

With his deep understanding of market dynamics and trends, Mr. Nitesh spearheads initiatives related to market analysis, pricing strategies, and revenue optimization. His strategic insights and data-driven approach enable Sunshine Telelink to navigate competitive landscapes effectively and capitalize on emerging opportunities in the industry.

Under Mr. Nitesh’s guidance, Sunshine Telelink continues to innovate and expand its market presence, leveraging his expertise in financial management to drive sustainable growth and profitability. His leadership and vision are instrumental in steering the company towards achieving its strategic goals and maintaining a competitive edge in the market.

Mr. Aashish Kumbhat

Co- Founder

Meet Mr. Aashish Kumbhat, our esteemed Director at Sunshine Telelink. With a strong foundation in B.Tech from Sathyabama University, Chennai, Mr. Kumbhat has honed his skills over the past decade in Product Development, Procurement, and Overseas Buyer Management.

His expertise lies in identifying market opportunities and crafting innovative products that elevate user experiences. Mr. Kumbhat is passionate about fostering creativity and diversity within our global team to make a positive impact on the community.

Beyond business, Mr. Kumbhat is an avid traveler, nature enthusiast, and active social worker. His life philosophy revolves around the belief that business is a means to serve society indirectly.