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URBAN Harmonics : The Future of Home Audio is here

Elevate your home entertainment with the URBAN X Dolby Soundbar series, designed to transform your TV experience. The URBAN X Dolby 2.1 Channel Wireless Home Theatre HARMONIC Soundbar 2240 boasts a massive 240-watt output and wireless subwoofer for immersive sound. Fine-tune audio with remote operations and dedicated EQ modes, perfect for movies or music. URBAN's signature Surround Sound technology ensures cinema-quality audio with crisp details. For a compact yet powerful option, consider the URBAN X Dolby Soundbar 1120 with 2.1 channels and 120 watts output. Its wired woofer delivers rich bass tones, customizable with dedicated EQ modes. Upgrade your audio setup and enjoy theatre-like sound in your living room with URBAN X Dolby. Say goodbye to ordinary TV audio and welcome cinematic excellence into your home.